4. rope_access_instrument installation
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5. stadio kriti roof project
7. KAPE-4211
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work at height11
tower training11
lift rescue train2
blade inspection
nacelle cleaning11
7. KAPE-4211
                                             Some of our projects are :

Repair of Severely Damaged WTG Blades 

              G 128 WTG Salo Wind Farm / Finland

              G 128 WTG Pori Wind Farm / Finland

              G 128 WTG Torneo Wind Farm / Finland

              G   87 WTG Mosonmagyaróvár Wind Farm / Hungary

              G   87 WTG Mandrababa Wind Farm / Turkey

              G   52 WTG Viotia Wind Farm

              G   87 WTG Ptoon Wind Farm

              G   58 WTG Alogorachi Wind Farm

              G   52 WTG Xerovouni Wind Farm

              V   52 WTG Voskero Wind Farm

              V   90 WTG Perdikovouni Wind Farm

              V   90 WTG Imerovigli Wind Farm

              G   52 WTG Ag.Athanasios Wind Farm

C.R.E.S. WTG Tower Painting for    Vestas , Gamesa , Jasper , KAPE

             WTG Blade Anti icing coating in Florina area

             DT Bird Sonar System Installation in WTG

             WTG Blade Leading Edge Protection in Syros Island

             Vortex Installation on WTG

Life Line Installation in Facilities of   Fulgor, Aegean airlines , Cablel , Attiko Metro , Nea Odos

             Removal of Destroyed roof of Pangrition Stadium

             Restoration of Protective Fence in Tower of Piraeus