Work at Height Services

ActivePoint offers working at height services to a diverse range of businesses including industrial plants, telecommunication structures, petrochemical installations, wind turbine industry etc

Using rope access methods, provides safe and reliable services with significant relative advantages for our partners including :

  • Safety

  • Reduced costs

  • Short time delivery

WTG Blade Repair & Inspection

Active Point is the leading company in Greece offering services to wind turbine  manufacturers & owners since 2010 in several fields.

  • Blade inspection (visual & tap test)

  • Blade maintenance & repair (cosmetic to structural damages)

  • Blade enhancements (L/E erosion protection, anti-icing coatings)

  • Tower maintenance & repair (oil decontamination internally & externally, rust       removal & painting)

  • Lightning Protection System proofing and repair


Active Point is homologated in blade repairs from Siemens-Gamesa and is working for Siemens-Gamesa in Finland, Hungary and Turkey.

Active Point has six working teams giving fast solutions to the customers.

Rope Access Safety

In Active Point safety is our highest priority.

Our technicians are experienced in the use of Rope Access in a variety of works and all of them are certified from international organization IRATA.

Members of our teams are Height-works and rescue instructors updated in the latest technology and safety procedures.

Safety equipment is EN and where applicable UIAA approved. The equipment has inspection records and checked prior and after each operation.

For any main rigging system a secondary backup  safety system  is installed to ensure safety in the case of primary system failure.

Rope access with its exemplary safety record it has now become an extremely effective and reliable service within the wind industry worldwide.

All HSE records are available to our customers.

Fall Protection Solutions

Active Point Industrial offers a nationwide service specialising in the fall protection. The range of services starts from the design, distribution and installation of high level access and protection solutions in all fields of industry. With custom design services, it can be ensured that workers safety is locked in even the most hazardous situations.
As a distributor of many manufacturers in height access and safety has the knowledge of fabrication of the equipment and in combination with the specialized knowledge and experience of fall arrest system can develop fall protection solutions from the early design stages or in the later operation and maintenance times. 
Active Point Industrial offers : 
-    Fall Protection consulting
-    Design of Fall protection installations and anchors.
-    Personal Fall Protection equipment supply. 
-    Annual follow-up and inspections of the fall protection systems or personal         equipment. 

PPE  Inspection

Active point has specific technicians to provide high quality services in personal protective equipment inspection, as competent persons. Active industrial laboratory inspection is equipped with all needed tools for inspection and repair.  Some of our technicians are also authorized from big companies such as Kong, Protekt, Honeywell, Mittelmann, to inspect more complicated mechanisms like rescue systems, retractable lanyards, and life lines.