ActivePoint (founded in  2000) is specialized in providing working at height solutions for many kind businesses


"Our vision is to be recognized as the leader in Fall Protection and Height Safety"

"Our mission is to provide advanced, safe and quality solutions and bring the culture of height safety in all industry areas"

Main areas of activity include:

Work at height services with rope access
Wind turbine blade inspection, repair & other services
Height safety consultancy & solutions 
Fall protection system installation, inspection & maintenance
Fall Protection Personal Safety Equipment supply
Height Safety/Working at Height training

Angelos Assariotakis
Height Operation Manager

Angelos Assariotakis is an active IRATA level3 technician and work as height trainer with more than fifteen years of experience in rope systems and in mountain rescue. He is certified as an adult trainer and certified trainer for Vodafone work at height technicians and he is a level3 blade repair technician.

Dimitris Bourazanis
Safety Training Supervisor

Dimitris Bourazanis has over than twenty years experience in mountaineering and work at heights training in Greece and abroad. He is certified trainer for Vodafone work at Height technicians and he is an active Irata level 2 technician.

Our People

All our technicians are experienced in the works at height and have been properly trained and certified in rope access techniques under IRATA scheme. They are trained also in rescue techniques and they have been certified to provide emergency medical care from American Heart Association. Some of them are “works at height” and “rescue” instructors, updated in the latest technology and safety procedures.

Blade repair technicians are trained either from Danish Wind Power Academy, Global Blade Services or GAMESA and can carry out inspection and repair work in many different wind turbine blades. They follow manufacturer’s specifications for repair work and they are constantly updating their knowledge. 

We carry Certificates from :

IRATA , GWO ,  Gravity Training , ΕΟΠΕΠ ,  American Heart Association , Red Cross , Danish Wind Power Academy , Kong , Mittelmann ,  Protekt , Honeywell